Craig Sams & Jo Fairley

Craig Sams/Jo Fairley –
Creators of Green and Black Chocolate

Thank goodness for OBC – Accountants who help us out through legal and bureaucratic hurdles as we grow our various businesses.

Frontier Fireworks

Chris Verheyden and Helen Stenlake -
Frontier Fireworks

“OBC have been fantastic support for us as we have grown to be a leading firework display company in the UK.”

Dr Russell Brown

Dr Russell Brown
– Chair of Local LMC

“OBC are great looking after all our payroll, bookkeeping, budget, management and annual accounts, so we can look after our patients.”

OBC The Accountants from Eastbourne, East Sussex, will help you make more money , pay less tax and have more time to enjoy your life.

OBC will help you to make more profit and pay less tax, so you can choose to make a difference to your chosen way of life, as well as to the world around you.

With all the non-stop pressures in business, OBC's ongoing work with owners and managers has shown that if OBC are allowed to work with you and your team to develop systems and skills, this will give you more time to think and plan, rather than just do.

OBC are honoured to have been included as one of the "The World's most Inspiring Accountants " in  a book by International Author Steve Pipe.

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Why do OBC care?

Quite simply because we truly enjoy working with business owners and managers who want to change, want to improve, and who welcome new ideas to consider - it is great to hear from you that our team do make a real, lasting difference in your lives and the lives of those around you.

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