Craig Sams/Jo Fairley –
Creators of Green and Black Chocolate

Thank goodness for OBC – Accountants who help us out through legal and bureaucratic hurdles as we grow our various businesses.

Chris Verheyden and Helen Stenlake -
Frontier Fireworks

“OBC have been fantastic support for us as we have grown to be a leading firework display company in the UK.”

Dr Russell Brown
– Chair of Local LMC

“OBC are great looking after all our payroll, bookkeeping, budget, management and annual accounts, so we can look after our patients.”

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OBC The Accountants from Eastbourne, East Sussex, would love to have the chance to help you make running your business more enjoyable - by helping you and your team to develop systems and skills to allow you to make more profit and pay less tax, so you can choose to make a difference in your chosen way to your own life, as well as the world around you.



Quite simply because we truly enjoy working with business owners and managers who want to change, want to improve, and who welcome new ideas to consider - we just love feeling that we make a real, lasting difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

And because of that, we do things differently too —  there’s never any surprise fees and we get paid on results we deliver to you, not by charging by the hour. There is no ticking clock - other than the clock that might be ticking because you’re not yet working with us?

We are founder members of Accountants Changing the World; we are a group of accountants who are trying to help change the world for the better - click on the logo below for more details.

Also do read what about what our team get up to in our news section, and do take a look at how we actively help those less fortunate in the world - our giving impact is listed on the right hand side of this page.

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