Accountants can help to change the world

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 Accountants can change the world.

We know that sounds like a big claim. Perhaps even a ridiculous one. But it’s actually true. And it’s also why we get up every morning.


Because we believe that helping to make things better is what life is all about.

We also believe that, as caring human beings, it is what we SHOULD do. And that as skilled professionals it is what we CAN do.

One entrepreneur explained it perfectly when he said: “My accountant’s input has helped to make my business better. That has changed my world. And as a result it has also changed the world of my family, of my team, and of others around us. So there is no doubt that accountants really can change the world.”


Of course, it’s not about grand gestures, posturing or pretending to be some kind of superhero.

Instead it’s about using our professional and business skills to do lots of simple little things. Each of which makes a small (and sometimes not so small) difference.

Doing them really well, with passion, energy and skill.

And doing them alongside many other accountants who share our beliefs and passion.

So that together, one tiny step at a time, things get a little bit better for the thousands of people and businesses we collectively help.

Together all those little things add up. They really do. In fact, we know that collectively we have already made things better in meaningful ways for 1,406,079 people.

We measure that number continuously, accurately and publicly. And it brings an immeasurable amount of joy to us and to everyone else involved.


We are full signatories at

So we have full access to resources that address three of the biggest challenges facing us all today:

Economic stagnation – we will help you create an action plan for creating more income and wealth for yourself, and generating more prosperity and jobs for the wider economy

Global warming – we help you to cut your costs by reducing your carbon footprint so that the environment is kept safe for future generations

Poverty and suffering – we will help you to grow by giving your business even more purpose and energy by connecting at a deeper level with the good causes you support.

We know we can make a small difference in those areas. And we may even be able to make a big difference.

Either way, there are no catches. It's simply our way of giving back and making an impact.  And what we know is this: it's really great to do that with people who believe what we believe. And it's great to do it together.

Which of the three challenges is most important to you at the moment?

Making your business more successful?

Improving the environment?

Or reducing poverty and suffering?

Whatever your answer, let’s start there!




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