We are happy to recommend the following businesses (let us know if you would like to be added to our list)

We have a a variety of clients and contacts that we are delighted to recommend to you. Here are a few:



Conveyancing (also see Lawyers/Solicitors below)


Foreign Exchange Cards - offering great savings on your spending abroad

Hospitality Events - at great discounted prices


Interior design


Kitchen manufacturers


Motor dealers

  • St Leonards Motors Group (SLM): For a choice of quality new and used cars  from Toyota, Vauxhall, Hyundai, Nissan, and Fiat.       SLM regularly feature in the top motor dealers in the country for customer service, and we cant recommend them highly enough.
  • Eastbourne Vauxhall

Nursing homes

Office furniture

Private schools


  • VosTel for great savings on your telephone

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