Carl Lynn of Intercon Scaffolding

"Further to your suggestion, I am delighted to jot down a few words to describe the service that OBC have offered both Intercon Scaffolding and also myself on a private level.

Over the years the service has been extremely helpful, both with accounting and tax related issues, and also on more minor personal issues like you arranging to have passport papers signed at short notice.

The weekly and quarterly email bulletins and newsletters I receive are very informative- but more importantly than that - they make me STOP and THINK, and consider different ideas and processes - not a bad thing in todays environment when everyone is busy rushing around - this can often lead to other ideas.

I have been invited to excellent breakfast BBF meetings where I have learnt a lot and also to evening meetings where the team at OBC have arranged for outside speakers to come and give talks on financial matters - these meetings have been informative and fun to attend.

And my final thought - is the fact that Mike and Andy practice what they preach! Both have set stretch goals and pushed themselves on a personal level to do something extraordinary, with Mike reaching for mountain tops in Borneo and Andy completing the London marathon.

Good luck to you all."

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