Eliminating financial waste in care homes

The care sector is facing huge challenges at the current time. Stagnant revenue growth and increasing costs are squeezing profitability for many care providers.

Auditel, one of the UK’s leading cost management specialists are currently working with 200 Care Homes and helping them tackle spiralling costs and ultimately sustain or even improve the bottom line performance under these difficult economic conditions.

Managing and reducing costs routinely and sustainably is a proven and powerful way of optimising any organisation’s profitability. Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts, as effective cost management requires a discipline of continuous analysing, understanding, influencing and monitoring of costs and the drivers of those costs. Not all businesses have the depth of resource or expertise to undertake cost management to this level of rigour.

But there are still options for managers of these types of businesses to gain the benefits of proactive cost management without having to dedicate resource or valuable time to it.
Auditel, for example, offer a free Business Health Check which provides a thorough examination of all business expenditure and identifies any opportunities for savings and efficiency. Coupled with their performance driven contingency fee model, this means that their service is self-funding, with no up-front fees and no hidden charges, giving clients maximum results with minimum involvement!

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