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I am writing to explain about what I think is a great opportunity for me, you and all your colleagues, family and friends aged 13 and above; it is free and, as far as my colleagues and I can see, there are no catches.

The good news is  -  I have started to use a simple system to help save me money when I shop - Next Generation Money (NGM) have launched their Shop & Save Card, and it allows me to get up to 14% cash added back to my card, when I shop in certain stores.

Even better news - and there is no catch - You can order this card for free today

This is a prepaid card and NOT a credit card, so you can only use funds which you have 'preloaded' onto the card prior to your shopping.

I'm an NGM licensed accountant and obviously recommend the service;  I am using the card, as well as recommending this service to everyone I meet, including all of my family, my friends, my team and my clients.

The main aim of the card is to receive cash back when shopping in selected high street retailers and when making purchases on-line. The card is free, there's no annual fees and the savings look impressive.

For example, let me illustrate just a few of the cash back opportunities currently available to you in store:-

Anything you buy from M&S will earn you  5% cash back onto your card;

Anything you buy from jewellers Ernest Jones will earn you  11% cash back onto your card;

Anything you buy from Halfords will earn you  6.5% cash back onto your card;

Anything you buy from Pizza Express will earn you 7% cash back onto your card; and

Anything you buy from Costa Coffee will earn you  4% cash back onto your card.

Anything you buy from B&Q will earn you  3% cash back onto your card......... and there are loads more stores like these.


Now why would anyone turn down the opportunity to get cash back for free - no catches involved?

The ONLY objection I have heard so far is - isn't it a bit tiresome to have to transfer money across to preload the card?


Well, I suppose we are all different, but if I knew I was going shopping to M&S and then taking my family for a coffee at Costa or a meal to Pizza Express, I would be more than happy to take the time to go online to transfer £100, or however much, to my card to get the 5% , 4% and 7% cash added back onto my card towards my next purchase, and these bonuses are in addition to any other discounts on offer at the time.

You receive an online account with the card to make it easy for you to transfer money onto the card.

You can also load the card from the Post Office, PayPoint, NGM Mobile App (out soon), your debit card, your credit card and by sending money from your existing online bank account. 

Some of the other brands offering discount/cash back include: Asda,  BHS, Carpetright, New Look, Debenhams, B&Q, H Samuel, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, SCS, Virgin Experience Days and more! There are over 1,000 instore and online retailers involved.

The intention is to offer FX savings in summer as well.

If you want to save money and test the system, you can obtain your card quickly by completing the enclosed form attached today, and fax it back to me  today (01323-720666) sending the original back to me in the post. It will only take you a couple of minutes to complete.


The website for you to have a look at is: http://www.nextgenerationmoney.co.uk/


Call me today for an application form for the card for all your family and friends aged 13 or more, who are likely to be spending money in these stores, etc.

One more thing - some business clients are not only using this as a loyalty scheme for their own team and customers, but are also using the opportunity to pay wages into each account, especially where team members have no bank account, because cash can be extracted from any cash point, and it encourages team members to shop where the savings are best; therefore it helps in a small way to make up for no or low pay rises

The system is free to join, so if you want to reward your own friends, family, and colleagues , what a great way to do it.

I hope you enjoy the savings like I have been doing!

Happy spending - why not try it first for yourself and your family and friends - I think it's a no brainer - you have nothing to lose!

and of course - Happy Valentines Day


 Michael Ogilvie

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