Recruiting New Doctors

Recruiting New Doctors

 Recruitment and human resources can be a big headache for any business or organisation and the medical profession is no different.

 Like any successful company, a medical practice will want to attract the best doctors they can. If a practice does not employ highly skilled, effective doctors then word soon gets out, reputations can be damaged, patients will transfer to other surgeries and patient numbers will decline. This will negatively impact on the income of the practice, on staff morale and patient confidence in the medical team.

 In a field as important as health care, there is also the consideration that hiring poor quality doctors can have wider ramifications on the health of the local population. All in all, any decision made must be carefully considered.  

 A good doctor is worth their weight in gold and a valuable asset to a practice thus attracting them to your practice takes more than a good salary package. So how should you go about trying to track the right person down?

 Getting the best

 If you are looking to attract the best doctors to join your practice here are some important things to keep in mind:

 Have a clearly defined idea of the type of person you want to attract

 This is especially relevant if you are using a medical recruitment agency. If you know exactly what you are looking for you won’t have to wade through numerous irrelevant interviews and CVs and the person employed should fit in seamlessly with the practice and the rest of the team

 Understand what GPs are looking for

 A good work-life balance is increasingly presented as being an attainable ideal. If you present your practice as being able to provide this by offering flexible working practices, not swamping new doctors with on-call time and recognising that job and salary security are more important to many doctors than earning a fortune for working excessive hours and being on call constantly.

 Tailor your offer to what your preferred candidate will want.

 Emphasise the positive aspects of working in your surgery

 Don’t just tell prospective new doctors about the things you like about your surgery, ask your colleagues what they like about the work and environment. This could be anything from an excellent team ethos, to skilled colleagues, to treating patients from deprived areas and the sense that your surgery improves people’s lives.

Ensure that your practice is up to date in every way

 Nobody wants to work in a scruffy environment, keep the building clean and tidy yet welcoming. Ensure that your IT systems are up to date and stable and that your website is not old fashioned and tough to navigate.

 IT failure is one of the biggest frustrations in anyone’s working life, and it is worse if people’s health could depend on for example accessing patient records or ensuring appointments are kept.

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