Small business owners sleep better with cloud accounting

A straw poll of clients who are using cloud accounting revealed that not only did it help them with their business, it also helped them with their personal lives. The reason? Instead of lying awake wondering about whether that invoice had been paid, whether the direct debit would go through or whether that refund had come in, they could double check at any time, from anywhere and then get back to sleep.


The way we were

In the not too distant past, accounting software had to be installed on each different PC at (sometimes) vast costs. Sharing information with your bookkeeper or accountant was a nightmare as everyone seemed to be using different versions. Reinstalling the software after a crash or purchase of a new PC meant you almost had to beg the supplier to allow you to download it again, and their support was virtually non-existent unless you upgraded each year.


Cloud accounting today

I can safely say that modern cloud accounting programs have eliminated all these problems and more. Instead of the software company being in control, cloud accounting puts you back in the driving seat. You decide who you want to invite to access your data. You can both then access it 24 hours a day, from any PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet, wherever they have an internet connection. Data imported by one person can be seen by any of the others you’ve chosen to allow access.

And if you choose Xero, the cloud accounting system we recommend, it all comes with the highest level of security, meaning your data has never been safer.


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