So you want to benefit from the Olympics - could you do more to help your business?


Following the meeting of world trade leaders in London on 26th July, it was estimated that over £1 billion of deals and projects are expected to be announced this summer as businesses capitalise on the Olympics. Ministers forecast that businesses attending the event will generate an additional £1 billion in the years to come.

Chancellor George Osborne said: "As we welcome the world's best athletes, we also welcome the world's best companies - so that they can succeed, invest, and create jobs in Britain."

Business secretary Vince cable said Europe's GDP would be boosted by 2.2 per cent as a result of the Games. Britain is aiming to boost its exports to £1 trillion annually by 2020.

"This summer is more than just a great sporting spectacle," he said. "It is an unrivalled opportunity to promote the best of British industry and make the most of our openness to foreign trade and investment."

"In these difficult economic times we also need to redouble global efforts to build a genuinely open and competitive international trading environment."

Inward investment results released today from UK Trade and Investment show that companies investing into the UK economy created more than 112,000 jobs in 2011/12, up 19 per cent on the previous year.

The summits will particularly focus on trade with China, being the third largest source of inward investment projects. The number of Chinese investment projects rose 76 per cent between 2010/11 and 2011/12.

Well that is alright for them - what about Eastbourne and other local businesses?

OBC have clients whose "figures" have been helped considerably by work for the olympics and our feel from talking to Eastbourne businesses is that Eastbourne is not suffering in the recession as badly as some towns or cities (so far)

However there can be no room for complacency - retail is tough wherever (apart from maybe some in central London)

So what can local businesses do?  - they have to look again at what they offer, and ask "Do we offer great value in the current marketplace?" - if not, they know what they have to work on

Then we must embrace the internet more fully with our marketing  ( n.b. - if we are not offering value, then forget about the internet helping us)

However, if we are "offering value", lets use the internet more effectively to get our clients talking about us, because we have loads of potential visitors to Eastbourne who are using the internet to make decisions about where they travel and where they buy from

We are still surprised by the number of businesses, including hotels, who do not take the opportunity to encourage clients to talk about them (when they are more than happy to help) - people believe what others say about you, not what you say about yourself

Just imagine the impact on a hotel website of current guests giving a video testimonial of what a fantastic holiday they are having and encouraging others to visit the hotel - real words from real people that are current and up to date - much better than a brief written testimonial that cant be verified.

There are loads more things businesses can do - call us today if you need advice

So the moral is "if it is to be - it is up to me" - if you want to benefit from the olympic effect, do a lot more to help people to find you - don't leave it to chance!

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