Solicitors: is now the time for change?

We have worked a lot with solicitors. We act for several law firms of varying size, from single office firms to multiple office businesses.

We also have a lot of clients who use the services of solicitors. Whilst there are many who are undoubtedly happy with their chosen law firm, the ones that aren't are very vocal when it comes to complaining about the service they receive.

"He's never in after about midday. I think he plays golf every afternoon".

"They close for lunch!"

"She never gets back to me."

"They charge a fortune. The final bill was far higher than I expected."

"Why do they insist everything is done by post? Why can't they use email like the rest of the world?"

Harsh words indeed but, to many, they will be only too familiar. Today, consumers and businesses have a choice of legal services providers and it has come as a shock to many traditional firms that they are losing customers at an alarming rate.

The introduction of alternative business structures, which allows non-lawyers and external investors to share management and control of law firms and offer legal services in new flexible ways, means they are now competing for business with people who really mean business.

Add to the mix the rapid growth of online price comparison sites for legal services and 'conveyancing factories', and it's easy to see why many solicitors are simply shutting up shop.

So are the traditional firms on our high streets doomed? The short answer is a qualified NO - as long as they accept the need for change. Value for money is no longer enough. Clients want to feel valued too.

We recently ran a conference for a large firm of lawyers who understand this. The whole conference was dedicated to finding ways of improving the client 'experience'. As a result, they too are now more equipped and ready to meet the new challenges of being people who mean business.

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I am very pleased and agree

I am very pleased and agree with the contents mentioned. I wanted to thank you for this great article.

Unfortunately - all

Unfortunately - all professionals , not just solicitors , need to wake up and be aware of the winds of change being imposed on all of us through technology and regulatory changes

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