"Warrant for your arrest" - Are you too clever to be scammed by bogus callers from the police threatening you with immediate arrest for underpaid tax?

We have recently been made aware by our Institute of a particularly vicious scam doing the rounds at present where you are called (supposedly by the police) and threatened with immediate arrest, if you don't pay overdue tax immediately.

This weekend I received a call from a highly intelligent and a client very much "on the ball" who had just been scammed, and he has urged me to publicise this scam on our website and make our clients aware - remember on the weekends and evenings our offices are closed, so you are left to panic on your own

The call purports to come from the police who tell you that HMRC have taken out a warrant for your arrest, giving you a warrant number and a phone number to contact HMRC. 

Needless to say this is fake and is an attempted fraud, and you should never respond to these - they are convincing sophisticated con men - you should always get us to deal with HMRC for you.

All attempted fraud should also be reported immediately to Action Fraud (https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud)

The latest advice on these scams, which is continuously updated, is available on https://www.gov.uk/topic/dealing-with-hmrc/phishing-scams

Mike Ogilvie - OBC


Immediate reply from one of

Immediate reply from one of our clients

"Good afternoon,

just out of interest my brother in law is a self employed programmer who fell for the scam as well. He lost £5K and was asked to send through a copy of his driving licence which he did, plus all his bank details.

thanks for warning!"

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