What would you do if your network crashed?


Have you ever considered what you would do if your office was effectively out of action?

 (Thoughts from Ryan Smith)

This is something that is very rare but when it does happen a businesses workforce may be completely out of action for hours, days or even weeks. Most businesses have back-ups and systems in place to ensure that all the work remains safe but how do you go about completing important jobs while you are unable to access the information that is locked away on your computer.


Luckily at OBC we have moved both our auditing and bookkeeping systems to a cloud based system. This has mean that if our office ever became unavailable and we were unable to access any important data stored on our server the effect on our productivity would be very minimal.


A recent update in technology at OBC has seen both our auditing and bookkeeping systems move to a very modern and not commonly used cloud based system using tablet computers and in some cases mobile phones. This means that if the office is ever out of action we always have a way of completing our tasks and meeting any important deadlines.


All employees at OBC are now able to log into the cloud based systems and access data which is vital to completing our tasks. This means that an OBC employee with internet access can use our systems wherever they may be.


These cloud based systems have many more positives which makes them vital for OBC as an accountancy firm that is leading the way with forward thinking accountancy.


Follow this link for more information on how cloud based systems can help you: http://www.obcaccountants.com/our-services/obc-and-cloud-accounting

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