Your accounting system should be "in the cloud" ?

A recent delay in receiving information from one of our clients due to the Post Office has made me rejoice, not for the first time, that many of our clients have joined us on cloud accounting.

Similarly, I recently had phone call with a client who resorted to describing every line of the report she had on her screen in order for me to try and find the error. Because of this, I put a note in my diary to contact her - when she was slightly less stressed! – to discuss moving her data to a cloud system.

Why should your access to your data be confined to the computers in your office?  If we can use Twitter, Linked In, Google and even Facebook on our phones, tablets or any computer then why shouldn’t you be able to access your business finances similarly?

Cloud systems allow you to do exactly that.

Here at OBC we recommend and use a company called Xero.

This is a secure online accounting system that both you and I log on to at any time (providing you have access to the internet) and see the same data.  

This is especially handy if any of our clients come across a problem whilst working on their accounts.

Instead of emailing screenshots, sending us a backup or, as I said before, describing the problem to me – we can both log on and view the same data. Your bank transactions can be set up to be sent through every morning and after a little bit of analysing, full accountancy reports can be viewed. And you can do all of this whilst sitting on your sofa (or even on the beach if you have an internet signal) – no need to be stuck behind a desk!

If you worry that your old accountancy package has too much information on it and you don’t want to lose old data then worry no more – we can arrange for older data to be imported into Xero so that you start exactly where you left off.

Through my experience of assisting people in Xero I have seen many occasions where this system has allowed a business owner to improve and understand more detailed knowledge of their company.

Having such up to date data and our full support at any time has meant that the information drawn from Xero is of much better quality and more useful than any other management system I have used.

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