How are our businesses going to be affected by the Euro Crisis

If the Euro collapses, we will be faced with increased interest rates as Banks look to keep capital in their Balance Sheets. We will almost certainly have to have goverment intervention again with the banks, because a collapse in the short term of any bank would be a disaster, and will guarantee our slump into a deep recession, if not depression.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Are you an "ideas monkey" - if so how do you handle that?


Its never too late to start a business - or should you actually avoid it?

So you want to benefit from the Olympics - could you do more to help your business?

Businesses should do more to encourage the money flowing into this country from the olympics to benefit their own businesses

Current Challenges for SMEs and common mistakes being made

Following a recent interview with Radio VoiceAmerica, Michael Ogilvie summarises some of the points discussed

Your accounting system should be "in the cloud" ?

Read this blog from Katy Biffen to find out why we are recommending software called Xero

More Pension costs ahead for us - have you heard about the latest changes?

Pensions are very expensive already to employers and now they face having to contribute more - let us help you

Can we feel safer over the next few years regarding low interest rates?

Its much about confidence in the end - the surprise election majority for the conservatives has given the markets a boost - will that mean interest rates will rise?

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