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Are you entitled to the Marriage Allowance?

Reduce your tax bill!

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Moving to Xero Cloud Accounting software – now is the time!

If you're thinking about a move to Xero, do it!

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Dentist incorporation 10 years on

In 2016 dental practices will celebrate 10 years of being able to incorporate. In this blog we look at the lessons we've learned and what the future holds.

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A warning to Buy to Let landlords - you need to be ready for all these big changes

The Chancellor of the Exchequer appears to have it in for Buy to Let Landlords - and they need to be ready for all the changes happening from April 2016 - did you know it might be better to delay repairs until after 5th April ?

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Warning: Proposed tax changes for buy-to-let investors could seriously damage the economy - The Lunchtime News, November 2015

More people need to speak up against the proposal before it's too late

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How could Buy to Let Landlords pay more than 140% tax on rental profits?

There appears to be a political attack on Buy to Let Landlords - this blog explains how a landlord could effectively pay tax at 140%

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