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Business Cars - Tax implications - an update summer 2017

The “headline” fact is - if your car emits CO2 of 75kg/km or less, you are entitled to claim 100% First Year Allowances , subject to......

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Brexit - so what - lets prepare for the future

An alternative point of view from Mike Ogilvie at OBC

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OBC make top 200 firms of Accountants in Vouched For Awards

The Sunday Times featured UK's top accountants as voted for by their clients - and OBC were featured

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The “big brothers” in government are out of control!

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What should I pay myself from my limited company in 2016/17?

How should you pay yourself in 2016/17?

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What should I pay myself from my limited company in 2016/17? - Are dividends the wrong way now for owner managers?

Three examples to explain the choices facing owner directors of Limited Companies in 2016/17

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Should I maximise my dividends in 2015/16 or delay until 2016/17?

Should you increase the dividends paid out to shareholders and pay more tax earlier - or should you wait till 2016/17?

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Are you entitled to the Marriage Allowance?

Reduce your tax bill!

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Moving to Xero Cloud Accounting software – now is the time!

If you're thinking about a move to Xero, do it!

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