Budget 2011: Speech headlines

The main points of the Chancellor's speech

Possible fuel duty concession in the Budget

The Chancellor, George Osborne has hinted that he may be willing to review the imminent rise in fuel duty.

Budget may include steps to boost private investment

The upcoming Budget may offer plans to deal with the shortfall in private investment for smaller enterprises.

Dropping VAT relief would not harm smaller traders, says business group

Closing a relief which allows larger firms to move off-shore in order to pay no VAT on items valued at £18 or less would benefit rather than hit smaller businesses, it has been claimed.

Manufacturers say Chancellor must place emphasis on growth

A group representing UK manufacturers has urged the Chancellor to include a clear message in the forthcoming Budget that the Government has a strategy to address barriers to business growth.

Budget could see boost to R&D tax breaks

The forthcoming Budget may include news about improved tax reliefs for small firms.

Bank levy to rise ahead of the Budget

The Chancellor, George Osborne has said that the levy charged on bank profits is to rise by an extra £800 million this year.

Chancellor wants ideas for the Budget

The Chancellor, George Osborne has flagged up a new online portal, designed to elicit ideas from the public and from businesses for the forthcoming Budget.

Retail sales likely to be hit by VAT rise

The rise in the standard rate of VAT, from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent, is likely to hit retailers, a new study has suggested.

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