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Household bills continue to rise above inflation

Household bills have risen by more than double the rate of inflation over the past decade, according to research by Santander.

Upcoming election reveals credit rating risks

Young people across the country are harming their credit rating by not registering to vote in the upcoming election, a study by has found.

Homebuyers benefit from stamp duty reforms

More than two thirds of homebuyers stand to benefit from the stamp duty reforms introduced after the 2014 Autumn Statement, according to research by Nationwide.

Retirees provide financial support to families

More than a third of people retiring this year are currently supporting their families financially, according to survey by Prudential.

New ISA to help first time buyers

A new type of ISA will provide a financial boost to people saving to buy their first home, the Chancellor has announced during his 2015 Budget statement.

Renting property more expensive than buying

First time buyers pay almost 10% less each month than those who rent, according to research by Halifax.

One fifth of women are main breadwinners

Almost one fifth of women say they are the main breadwinner in their relationship, according to a study by Scottish Widows.

Retiree debt falls for third consecutive year

The average debt owed by retirees has fallen for the third consecutive year, according to research by Prudential.

1 in 4 parents pay child car insurance illegally

A quarter of parents with children learning to drive are illegally reducing their car insurance premiums, research by Gocompare has found.

Costs of raising a child up two-thirds

The cost of raising a child has increased by almost two-thirds since 2003, according to research by LV and the Centre for Economic and Business Research.

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