Pensions Savings Investments

Tax breaks urged for savers

Savers should be offered tax incentives as way of combating the poor returns currently being delivered by savings accounts, a leading banker has argued.

Savings returns dip to new low

Savers have been confronted with more bad news on the release of figures from the Bank of England showing that savings accounts are paying out the lowest interest rates since 1995.

Pension contributions and tax relief

There are limits on how much can be invested in a pension scheme before a tax charge is payable.

Saving and investing

With so many investment returns at an all time low it is essential to address how to save for the future even when times are tough economically. Here we look at some of the available opportunities for your savings and investments.

Small firms struggling to offer 'adequate' pension provision

A new survey has revealed that 90 per cent of defined benefit pension schemes run by small firms have been closed to new entrants.

Pension packages no longer vital to recruitment

The contraction of the employment market has meant that prospective employees do not see an attractive pensions package as essential to their decision to accept or reject a job offer.


Enterprise investment schemes, seed enterprise investment schemes, venture capital trusts and social investment relief.

Trusts and settlements

Trusts and settlements - tax rates and allowances.

State pension

State pension rates, pension credit and winter fuel allowances .

VCT, EIS and SEIS compared

The reliefs for Venture Capital Trusts, the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme are similar in many respects, but there are some significant differences.

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