Sales and marketing

Online businesses need to understand new laws on cookies

Small firms with an online presence are being urged to review their use of website cookies in the light of new EU laws.

Advertising and marketing vital for small business growth

Smaller firms are fully aware of the importance to their business operations of skills in advertising and marketing.

Smaller firms need to up their online sales drives

Smaller UK firms produced online trade figures of £36 billion last year, but that is a fraction of what could be achieved, a new report has suggested.

Surge in online advertising

A quarter of all advertising spend is now directed through the internet, new figures have revealed.

Sales and marketing concerns for small manufacturers

The ability of the UK’s smaller manufacturers to help re-balance the economy is being put at risk because many are finding it difficult to promote their products in new and emerging markets.

Businesses get warning on price offers

Retailers and manufacturers have been warned by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) not to mislead customers through the use of pricing gimmicks.

Marketing and the data protection law

When a business carries out any marketing, it must make sure that it complies with the rules governing the protection of data and privacy.

Making and closing a sale

Getting in front of a potential new client, perhaps to make a presentation, is only one step towards securing new business.

The price is right

For many businesses, coming up with a product or service that is innovative or meets the requirements of a niche market can seem the most important steps towards success.

Online advertising on the up

Online advertising budgets neared the £2 billion mark in the first half of the year.

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