Business Regulation

New measures to prevent late payments

Large businesses could be fined for poor payment practices.

Government urged to set date for audit reform

BEIS committee says ‘clear timescale’ is needed.

FSB calls for late payment reforms

Poor payment ‘affects 80% of small businesses’.

Pensions Regulator issues £68.6m in fines for employers

Regulator cracks down on auto-enrolment non-compliance.

Construction industry warned about late payment rules

Late-paying companies could lose out on government contracts.

Pensions Regulator targets non-compliant employers

Mandatory spot-checks conducted for auto-enrolment compliance.

7 in 10 people want to see audit evolve

ACCA says public expectations of audit should be addressed.

Audit industry shake-up gathers momentum

The Competition and Markets Authority publishes its final report.

Government contractors urged to pay suppliers on time

New prompt payment rules take effect from autumn.

MPs call for ‘structural break-up’ of Big Four

Committee proposes reforms to the audit industry.

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