Business Regulation

Invoice finance restrictions lifted

A ban on anti-invoice finance terms in business contracts will be introduced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in early 2016, it has been announced.

Auto-enrolment staging date unknown to many employers

Almost two thirds of small and micro employers don't know when they need to start complying with auto-enrolment, according to research by The Pensions Regulator.

Red tape costs businesses

The UK economy is losing an estimated £41 billion a year to red tape despite continued government promises to reduce the amount of time and money SMEs spend on compliance, a survey by the Forum of Private Business has found.

Third of firms leave auto-enrolment to last minute

Almost a third of firms that had their auto-enrolment staging date in Q2 2015 completed their application at the last minute or missed the deadline, NOW: Pensions has revealed.

Reporting standards for small firms simplified

The Financial Reporting Council has introduced new accounting standards designed to simplify reporting for small and micro businesses.

Government announces red tape reviews

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will launch reviews into cutting red tape in 5 key sectors, Business Secretary Sajid Javid has announced.

Government to combat workplace gender gap

A detailed plan aimed at ending the disparity in pay between men and women has been published by the government.

Regulations on holiday pay arrears come into effect

Regulations to prevent backdated claims for holiday pay going back more than 2 years have taken effect from 1 July 2015.

Third of workers distracted for 3 hours a day

Chatting with colleagues about non-work related matters, mobile phones and internet services are the biggest workplace distractions, according to Thinkmoney.

HMRC relaxes PAYE late filing penalties

HMRC will begin relaxing automatic late filing penalties for people who send PAYE information late, officials have indicated.

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