Corporate tax planning

Should I maximise my dividends in 2015/16 or delay until 2016/17?

Should you increase the dividends paid out to shareholders and pay more tax earlier - or should you wait till 2016/17?

Care homes - be careful about how you treat your property for tax purposes

Many Care Homes do not appear to have received advice about the most appropriate structure for their business, let alone how to deal with the property in the business

Commercial Buildings Owners - The Clock is ticking to claim Capital Allowances on embedded equipment

Understand the significant changes in the rules at 31st March - otherwise lose the chance to claim tax relief for ever

Worst excuses for late tax returns

Lee Bowden introduces us to some far fetched excuses for late submissions of tax returns

Be aware of the changes to Capital Allowances this April

Eve Wickenden warns you of important changes to Capital Allowances relating to Commercial Property

Company Cars - How do we know the tax cost?

When you get rewarded with a company car - it is great - but how much tax will there be on this benefit ? Eve Wickenden explains the system to you

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