Can we feel safer over the next few years regarding low interest rates?

Its much about confidence in the end - the surprise election majority for the conservatives has given the markets a boost - will that mean interest rates will rise?

Changes to the payment of Class 2 NIC

From April 2015, Class 2 NIC will be collected along with other self assessment tax liabilities on 31 January following the year of assessment. Thus, Class 2 NIC for 2015/16 will be collected on 31 January 2017.

Using feedback to improve Customer Service

A lack of feedback may mean you have no idea what your customers think.

Setting and measuring KPIs

Using Key Performance Indicators in your business

Funding your fashion brand

Our fashion clients often ask us for advice about raising finance. Some need help getting off the ground, whilst others want to know how they can take their established business to the next level.

Whether you are seeking finance to fund your first industrial sewing machine or need to secure new premises, our advice is always the same: start with the basics.

Care homes - be careful about how you treat your property for tax purposes

Many Care Homes do not appear to have received advice about the most appropriate structure for their business, let alone how to deal with the property in the business

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