VOUCHERS - When is VAT due?

If a company is selling a voucher to be redeemed at a later date, the rules previously was that the vat would be charged at the date of redemption - by Katy Biffen

Storage of Goods - VAT treatment

A surprising and slightly confusing change was made on 1st October 2012 with regards to whether to charge vat on storage of goods. One of the rules imposed by HM Revenue and Customs was ‘Letting of facilities to a person for the storage by them of goods, except live animals, is subject to a standard rate of vat’


Late last year there was a lot of activity in the media regarding the sale of hot takeaway food.

Interesting Accountancy Facts

At OBC we are keen to prove that accountancy is more than just numbers but did you know that the accounting field is rich with history & tradition.

How much can you pay family members earning their keep?

A lot of business owners are assisted by family members in the day to day running of the their business but are often unsure about whether these amounts can be claimed as a deductible expense.

Follow up blog regarding acceptable expense claims (as far as HMRC are concerned)

You do need to understand what is acceptable when making expense claims to avoid triggering an expensive HMRC investigation into your affairs

Always remember the true value of good customers

It is so easy to forget the importance and true value of good customers...

Customers don't care ?

Do Customers care at all about you?
Read this interesting article by South African International Speaker Paul du Toit

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