A warning to Buy to Let landlords - you need to be ready for all these big changes

The Chancellor of the Exchequer appears to have it in for Buy to Let Landlords - and they need to be ready for all the changes happening from April 2016 - did you know it might be better to delay repairs until after 5th April ?

Tax Return still not submitted - Get it done quickly or pay massive penalties

Alison Headey tells you why it is so important not to delay any longer getting your tax return submitted for 2012..13

Worst excuses for late tax returns

Lee Bowden introduces us to some far fetched excuses for late submissions of tax returns

Let us help you save loads of money

If I had tried something for free that saves me loads of money, would you be interested to know more?

Trusts and executorships

Trusts are relatively easy and very tax efficient way to set aside assets for future beneficiaries outside of the inheritance tax net.

Self assessment

The term 'self assessment' is proving to be one of the great misnomers of all time.

Retirement strategies

Everyone hopes to maintain the same standard of living in retirement as they presently enjoy while working, but to achieve this requires considerable forward planning.

Personal tax planning

With the tax regime becoming more complex and more emphasis being put on taxpayers' individual responsibilities.

Estate planning

Few of us like to think about dying, but equally few of us could live with the thought that we have not made adequate provision for family and friends who survive us.

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