Personal tax planning

"URGENT - Pensions changes gone mad" - higher earning doctors need to be aware of the additional cash flow implications in January

The new rules affecting pension savings in the 2016/17 tax year could have unexpected cash flow consequences in January 2018 for our higher earning doctors.

How the tax system works - an interesting moral in the story

An amusing tale about what happens when the wealthy get attacked by the media etc

Clumsy cynical attack on entrepreneurs by George Osborne

Let's persuade George to listen and avoid any cynical arrogance in attacking this country's wealth creators

PRESS RELEASE - 18 March 2015

19th March 2015

Hidden Budget bombshell means that businesses and families in Eastbourne will have to pay £2,556,279,900 extra tax to help balance the country’s books

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NO PAYSLIP - HOW DO I PAY MY TAX???? read what you have to do

Care homes - be careful about how you treat your property for tax purposes

Many Care Homes do not appear to have received advice about the most appropriate structure for their business, let alone how to deal with the property in the business

Tax Return still not submitted - Get it done quickly or pay massive penalties

Alison Headey tells you why it is so important not to delay any longer getting your tax return submitted for 2012..13

Worst excuses for late tax returns

Lee Bowden introduces us to some far fetched excuses for late submissions of tax returns

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