Personal tax planning

Tax Return still not submitted - Get it done quickly or pay massive penalties

Alison Headey tells you why it is so important not to delay any longer getting your tax return submitted for 2012..13

Worst excuses for late tax returns

Lee Bowden introduces us to some far fetched excuses for late submissions of tax returns

Calling all Landlords - Big Brother wants you to come clean

HM Revenue & Customs – Let Property Campaign - Eve Wickenden explains the latest HMRC offensive

Think tax is taxing? It’s a piece of cake these days.

Think tax is taxing? It’s a piece of cake these days. Whatever you think, you need to get your tax return done and submitted online before 31st January - we can help you.

Universal (Tax) Credit - what is it?

This topic has regularly been in the news in 2013 and will be even more familiar in 2014 - but how are you affected? - Eve Wickenden explains more

Company Cars - How do we know the tax cost?

When you get rewarded with a company car - it is great - but how much tax will there be on this benefit ? Eve Wickenden explains the system to you

Voluntary disclosure for health and wellbeing professionals - latest attack by HMRC

If you are a Health and Well-being professional and your affairs are not up to date - big brother is after you - Eve Wickenden explains what you must do

How are our businesses going to be affected by the Euro Crisis

If the Euro collapses, we will be faced with increased interest rates as Banks look to keep capital in their Balance Sheets. We will almost certainly have to have goverment intervention again with the banks, because a collapse in the short term of any bank would be a disaster, and will guarantee our slump into a deep recession, if not depression.

Financial tips for Professional Speakers

Being a professional speaker can be a lonely existence, and everyone expects you to be an expert in all aspects of your business whereas, in reality, you only tend to be an expert in the topics about which you speak.

OBC offer support in the other aspects....

Personal tax planning

With the tax regime becoming more complex and more emphasis being put on taxpayers' individual responsibilities.

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