No paper tax reminders - don't get caught out!

17th July 2015

HMRC used to issue payslips to taxpayers with a note of the tax due on 31 July each year, as a reminder to pay their tax.  However, as we saw in January 2015, their policy on this has changed, and although they do say paper reminders will be issued this time around, from what we have seen so far, not all of our clients seem to be receiving them.  HMRC will still seek interest for late payment as they always did, and not receiving a reminder will not be a valid excuse for non or late-payment.


Therefore you should ensure that your payment is made on or before the due date, to avoid any unnecessary interest charges.


If you need any additional information in connection with the amount to pay, or how to pay, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Alternatively, more information on "how to pay" can be found at


More details about paper reminders being withdrawn are in the Agent Update 48 which can be found at




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