PRESS RELEASE - 18 March 2015

19th March 2015

Hidden Budget bombshell means that businesses and families in Eastbourne will have to pay £2,556,279,900 extra tax to help balance the country’s books

Eastbourne Accountants OBC have today launched two free initiatives to help local taxpayers and businesses get to grips with the tax bombshell hidden in the small print of George Osborne’s Budget. Launching the initiatives OBC partner Andy Hill said:

“Chancellors always pull rabbits out of the hat in pre-election Budgets, and this one was no exception. Inevitably the lower taxes on savings and alcohol, pension reforms, help for first time buyers and the abolition of paper tax returns will grab most of the headlines.

But the real story is the fact that local families and businesses will have to pay over £2 billion in future taxes to help pay off our national debt, which is due to spiral to £1.6 trillion by 2020. And that’s just to pay for what the country has already spent. On top of that, of course, we will still all have to contribute our normal ongoing taxes to pay for all the country’s new spending.

Exactly how much we each end up paying is very complicated, and there are a great many traps for the unwary. So we believe that the region’s taxpayers need to take urgent action to protect themselves, their families and their businesses. And to help them, today we are launching a free Tax Fairness Review service for businesses and individuals to make sure that they don’t pay a single penny more than their fair share in tax."

We are also launching a free “Business Builder” initiative to help local businesses  generate the growth and prosperity the country needs in order to make paying all those extra taxes easier and less painful. Using leading-edge software, systems and thinking, it will help local businesses discover new ways to create more jobs, profits and wealth.

Together these initiatives will help to ensure that the region is treated fairly as it pulls it weight.”

Readers who would like to discover exactly what the 2015 Business Builder and Tax Fairness Review initiatives can do for them – and test drive them for free – can do so by calling Pippa Prichard at OBC on 01323 720555 or email




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