Grove Road Surgery

"As a practice we are pleased to hear that OBC are being considered for this years Eastbourne Business Awards and, by submitting this letter to you, wanted to show our fullest support to your cause.

The practice has commissioned the services of OBC for the past 5 years and this followed interviewing several prospective accountancy firms from within a 25 mile radius of Eastbourne. One key factor in the decision process was the AISMA registration that OBC held, as this clearly demonstrated that the firm had unique knowledge in the workings and complexities of a GP's surgery. It also allows for anonymised comparisons between the various surgeries that OBC provides their service to.

Throughout the time that OBC have been the practice accountants we have always found the service on all levels to be extremely professional. The forward thinking of the teams has clearly helped shape and drive the practice forward. Over the last 5 years the practice has emerged as one of the leading practices in Eastbourne, for which some credit is entirely due to OBC's input and advice.

We have always aimed to have our end of year accounts to OBC within 4 weeks of the practices year end. The prompt turn around in receipt of the draft accounts, followed by an all partners meeting with OBC within 3 months of the year end, means we are able to make decision and set new targets and goals very quickly into the new financial year. This promptness is recognised as a key element in keeping the practice proactive and ensuring the practice reputation with both the local population and our healthcare political masters.

The practice find the newsletters, circulars and general information received from OBC either electronically or hard copies on all matters relating to the business, taxation or other personal matters extremely useful.

The practice hopes that your bid in this years awards is successful and that in some way this letter has helped to support that bid, as you have always been supportive to us."

Stephen Fowler, Practice Manager