28,400 jobs for Northern Ireland economy

The Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy (NICEP) has predicted that 28,400 jobs will be created in Northern Ireland by 2018.

The NICEP economic outlook indicates that the administration services sector will experience the largest job growth, with 4,200 jobs expected to be created.

Key data:

  • 3,700 jobs will be created in the retail sector 
  • the professional and scientific sector will generate 3,100 jobs
  • the construction sector will see the creation of 3,300 jobs
  • 3,000 jobs in manufacturing will be created.

As most sectors of the Northern Ireland economy begin to create more jobs, the NICEP predicts that others are still to face job losses. According to forecasts, the education sector will lose 500 jobs and 3,500 positions in public administration and defence will be lost.

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