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Satisfactory service is unsatisfactory - we aim to give sensational service

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We work hard to get to know top tax planning specialists in the country, including leading QCs, and so are pleased to sometimes be able to offer our clients introductions to these specialists.

We also produce a free 70 Point tax reduction checklist for our clients, asking basic but important questions so that you can review your own affairs without incurring any additional professional fees.

Contact us now for your own free copy and just write down "Please send free tax planning checklist"



We are well known for our niche expertise in the medical/health care sector, especially with Care HomesDoctors, and Dentists.

We also have specialist departments dealing with the following sectors :- Hotel and Leisure, Solicitors,  Professional Speakers, Outside Catering, Estate Agents, Motor Dealers, Recruitment Agencies, Building and Property, and IT contractors.

Satisfactory service is unsatisfactory - we aim to give sensational service

Every client is unique and deserves a unique service. Our philosophy is to put our clients first - to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs. Because every client is encouraged to have a one-to-one relationship with us, you are able to receive timely, individual advice on how to improve your business or personal finances.

As leading edge accountants, our traditional bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting services have been developed into innovative client-focused services that provide not only all the reliable background support you would expect from a professional firm, but also forward-thinking advice on how to improve your situation.

OUR PURPOSE - to add value to you our clients, and quite simply to make a difference to your lives.

Therefore, a specialist range of services have been developed to meet the needs of modern businesses, including a comprehensive business advisory service.



We have trained Profit Coaches offering business improvement services through The Profit Team our specialist business advisory division.

Many business owners find they cannot make enough time to analyse their performance and plan ahead to improve matters in the future. With our business advisory services we use our skills to monitor your business and give proactive advice and support to help you to improve your bottom line - and we are willing to work with you to implement any suggestions you take up.

You get:

  • More time to run your business
  • The peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on the essentials
  • Help and support when things go wrong

Whatever your type of business, from start-up to PLC, and whatever your needs, from audit and accounting to group re-structuring, from financing to exit strategies, our specialist services are designed to add value to your business.

Whether you need help with growing your business or advice on optimising your personal or family finances, you will find us here to help you get the best results.

Acting for a wide range of clients, our ideal client is an ambitious business person, however small that business is, who is looking for superb advice to help the business grow to the next level.

Business Bitesize Tips for Profit Improvement

Loads of amazingly practical tips for use in your business

"Virtual" Services for our Clients

Let us help you to plan your future with our Unique Online Services - read more here

XERO "GOLD partner"

Cloud accounting is no longer the future - it is already here and OBC actively encourage clients to embrace it

FUTRLI for the "right information", to allow you to make the "right decisions" at the "right time"

Too many businesses look backwards and have no help to look forward to make the right decisions at the right time -

RECEIPT BANK - the perfect answer to posting your expenses

We all get frustrated with all those bits of paper we accumulate for our various expenses - here is the answer

Auto enrolment for Pensions

The new compulsory auto enrolment pension regulations are now in full swing and yet too many small businesses who have yet to "stage" are burying their heads in the sand

Business services

Every business owner needs a team of professionals in the background who provide continuous support and advice. That's what we are here to do.

Specialist sectors

We have also developed a number of industry specialisms over the years, which enable us to provide finely tuned, highly focused services in these sectors.

Personal services

Because we establish a one-to-one relationship with each client we are able to offer timely, individual advice on how to improve your business or personal finances.

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