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Michael Ogilvie is a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association, and regularly speaks to Entrepreneurs at conferences and seminars on business related matters.

Michael talks about how it is important to introduce a "Profit Culture" into a business for long term growth in profitability. Too many businesses believe that success is all about managing from the top. Michael will argue that you are only as strong as your weakest link and that long term success depends on gaining the hearts and minds of the whole workforce, not just the top levels of management.

If you would like a conference or seminar speaker who will help your audience to focus on how to increase their profitability, then Michael is an ideal choice.

If you have a need for speakers on other success related topics, we have access to a selection of superb speakers we can introduce to you.

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Michael’s Keynote speeches include:-

  • The easiest way to increase your profits” (20 minutes)
  • Profit is not a dirty word” (30 minutes)
  • Why on earth should I buy from you?” (20/45 minutes)
  • Busy is a four letter word” (45/60 minutes)
  • 10 Golden Rules for Increasing Profits” (45minutes/1 hour/5 hours)
  • First understand your figures, then know what to do to improve them” (90 minutes)
  • Attitudes are contagious - is yours worth catching?” (45/60 minutes)

Michael’s skilful story telling engages and enthralls the audience enabling his message to hit home in an amusing but memorable manner.


Michael is happy to tailor any of his content into specific practical and interactive workshops and facilitated meetings, designed to increase the fundamental team elements of motivation, effectiveness and recognition.

In these workshops, Michael shows how profit culture is not only essential but also fulfilling and - guess!

In addition to the content of his speeches, Michael also runs a popular 3 hour workshop which he calls “An invitation to change - and have fun doing so”

More Profit? - it is up to you!

If you want your team to understand what they need to do to earn you and the business more profit, call us now to book Michael for your conference and/or workshops.

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