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Introducing Auditel – Helping to reduce your overheads without costing a penny

AuditelAt OBC Accountants, we’re always on the look out for new ways to help you reduce costs and improve profitability, so we’re delighted to introduce Auditel as one of our new strategic partners, to help you achieve this.

Auditel is on the UK’s leading specialists in cost and purchase management and can manage the full spectrum of business expenditure.  As well as their core areas of specialisation – Communications, Energy, Business Consumables, Water, Sewerage and Waste, Auditel has the expertise to help you manage a much broader range of overheads.

Most organisations are under the impression that they run a tight ship and this may be true in the level of the market they are able to access. 

However, Auditel has the ability to tap into a different level of the market where they not only have access to the best prices in the market but also have aggregated buying influence through the millions of pounds they put through the supplier marketplace.  As well as being an outsourced management service that can save organisations time and resources, on average they have the ability to obtain cost savings of 20%+ above and beyond which organisations can do in their independent right.  It is not uncommon for Auditel to find some business cost areas where they can reduce current costs by approx 50%.

Auditel work on performance related basis with no upfront costs or hidden charges as they are confident that they can perform a free examination of all business expenditure and only get paid by taking a share of the actual savings found i.e. it is risk free and cash flow positive.

Over the past 16 years, Auditel has helped thousands of organisations to reduce financial waste and improve their profitabilitywithout costing them a penny – and they could do the same for you.

How can we be sure?

Auditel has already helped OBC to make cost savings across many of our business cost areas ranging from 26% to 66% saving.  In fact, we are so impressed with the savings Auditel made for us, we feel there is potential for you to make considerable savings too.

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