Goal Setting

Very much linked to our Strategic Planning Service, you can benefit from our Goal Setting System.

We see so many individuals and businesses who have great ambitions and objectives but who never succeed in achieving these objectives because they have never been shown how to set goals in a way that can easily be achieved.

Our seven step system for GOAL SETTING will give you the confidence that you can't fail.

Working with our 14 page "Getting where you want to go" goal setting guidelines, we will take you through the whole process of analysing your goals, breaking them down into realistic and achievable "milestones" so you can gain "quick wins" to start your success momentum.

The system we use is based on the GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (GO M.A.D.) process created by Andy Gilbert and his team in Loughborough.

For a copy of Andy Gilbert's book "The Art of Marketing a Difference" which describes his goal setting process in detail, email Michael Ogilvie on mo@theprofitteam.com.

Dear Lee,

re: Goal Getter Session

I am writing to thank you and Andy for my recent Goal Getter session.

I was dubious at first as I could not see how people who were not involved in my business could provide me with help and guidance. I would like to say how useful the session was.

Some of the ideas that were generated in the session were things that I'd never thought of before, you help me to think in a different way and challenge what I previously thought was possible.

The prioritised action plan made the tasks seem more manageable as I was able to attach deadlines to each task and concentrate on them as and when they fell due.

I now feel motivated to drive the process forward, with your help as necessary, to achieve each goal one by one.

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Grant, Site Proprietor

Grey Tower Caravan Site


Dear Lee,

We feel that we have a reasonably successful business, but our GoalGetter session with you and Michael highlighted to us that we are just working in the business and that we don't have clearly defined goals and objectives, both in the short and long term.

We were dubious at first as we are often approached by firms offering to sell us products or services to help our business; however, I would like to say how useful Ian and I found the session.

It helped us to prioritise what we needed to do first to get our business moving to the next level by providing us with a detailed action plan. Breaking each task down into manageable steps, with timescales attached, made it seem far less daunting and easier to concentrate on the tasks in hand.

We appreciate that we now have to drive the process forward, with your help, in order for the goals set out in the action plan to be achieved and that as one task is completed there will be many more to follow! We now feel however, that we are in a better position to do this.

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Stuart Dawkins

Seventies Limited

4 May 2005

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