Relieve the burden


of coping with accounting and administration tasks within your business.

Allow us to look after regular bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and credit control.

Benefit from our experience for Management Accounts, Business Plans and Cash Flow forecasts.

Call on us now 01323-746950 to train you and your staff to use the most popular accounting software.

Let our dedicated team of Business Support Staff process your routine transactions and produce tailored reports to help you measure your business performance.  Release your business heroes from the daily admin to enable them to maximise your profit opportunities.

Sovereign Business Services is a did vison of OBC The Accountants Ltd – the progressive firm of Chartered Accountants in Eastbourne, East Sussex.


For many businesses the cost of keeping basic accounting records is very high.  Experienced staff are difficult to find and hold on to.  Time off for holidays and sickness can be disruptive.

Relieve the burden…

by using our team of experiences bookkeepers, either on your premises of ours, in one of the many popular formats e.g. Sage, QuickBooks, Excel etc.

Save time and money by ensuring that the records are compiled in an orderly fashion for year-end accounts and tax purposes.

Benefit from regular Management Accounts and reports so that problems can be identified and corrected quickly.

Save the cost of investment in additional computer equipment and software.


Before you invest in, or update a Computerised Management Information System talk to our experienced team.  In addition to our knowledge of proprietary Accounting packages we have experience across a wide range of business applications for you to use as a pool of knowledge.

The new generation of ERP packages are powerful tools but their initial investment cost means that selection needs great care.

Relieve the burden….

of implementation worries by using our resources to help plan and install your vital business asset.

Profit and productivity are often dependant on excellent computerised systems.  In today’s fast moving competitive environment making the right choice can make the difference between success and failure.

Our team are able to provide training and advice to your staff to enable them to achieve the maximum benefit from the investment made.


For any business the availability of accurate and up to fate financial information is one of the keys to success.  From the basic financial date we are able to generate reports tailored for the particular needs of your business.  For example:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Management Accounts
  • Sales, Cost and Profit analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Graphical presentations

We can help you identify the Key Performance Indicators for your business and ensure that these are measured and monitored for you to act upon.

We can help with the compilation of budgets and forecasts for businesses which lack the specialist resources in-house to facilitate this important financial discipline.

Relieve the burden….

of providing banks and factoring companies with regular financial information and enhance the confidence they have in your business.

Use our Financial Director service to act as a part time member of your senior management team.  Our advisers have may years of experience in company financial administration which could benefit your internal control systems and provide a professional interface with the financial institutions on which the business may rely.

We have access to a range of resources to help you.


Fiona Evans
Payroll Bureau Manager

supported by several of the OBC team as required


Maintaining an in-house payroll function seems to become more complicated every year.  Employers are not only tax collectors but are required to administer every new scheme which the government introduces.

Relieve the burden….

by entrusting your payroll to our professional payroll advisers.  Use our bureau and BACS payment facilities for s stress free method of paying your staff.

For a fixed monthly fee we can:

  • Process your weekly and monthly payrolls
  • Produce summaries and cost analysis reports
  • Complete all the necessary IR forms and year end reports
  • Pay your employees by direct credit and mail payslips
  • Handle employee and Inland Revenue enquiries
  • Administer Student Loan recoveries

We offer three levels of payroll service - Bronze, Silver and Gold. To find out more about the different levels of service available, please click here to make an enquiry.


The correct calculation of VAT is now more onerous task for all businesses.  Tough new penalties have replaced the previously more relaxed VAT compliance visit regime.  VAT has always been a complicated tax which is constantly evolving, particularly when special schemes are involved.

Relieve the burden…

of falling foul of the VAT regulations by using our experienced team to meet your deadlines with accurate records.  Our team are experienced across a wide range of business sectors from Construction to Car Sales where particular rules apply.

Your VAT records often form the basis of your accounts records from which your year-end financial statements are compiled and your Income Tax return completed.  By using our team you will benefit from the VAT records being put together in a way which will save time and money at the year end.

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