FUTRLI for the "right information", to allow you to make the "right decisions" at the "right time"


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FUTRLI - Let us show you the future!   

 But it is not the future - It is here now!


 If all you want is history, it is probably best to use another accountant.

Traditional accountants help with your figures in a historical and reactive way.


They review what happened last month, quarter or year, always looking in the rear view mirror, telling you what you already know.


At OBC The Accountants, we’re not in business to be a traditional accountant.

Our number one priority is you, your business, and helping you to make the most of the figures.

We've partnered with FUTRLI (previously known as Crunchboards) so that we can ...

- Help you to be proactive, not reactive with your finances;

- Help you to know at all times how you are performing (check out this example) :

- Help you to look forward and Predict the cash in your bank;

- Help provide you with realtime key performance indicators like profit margins, and average spend per customer etc etc

- Read how this business uses Futrli and hopefully this will give you ideas for your business

- There are many more real life business stories like this from Tourism, Food & Drink, Manufacturing, Digital, Real Estate, and Creative Businesses - click on this link to give you more ideas


Who is our Futrli Service for?

- You

- Your team

- Your investors

- Your lenders

- Anyone interested in your numbers, and seeing them brought to life


It's easy to get started...


Looking into the future
Let us show you an example of what OBC are offering you - our business owner client who wants the right management information at the right time, to be able to make the right management decisions at the right time.

How does it work?

FUTRLI auto-syncs daily with Xero and Quickbooks online software, as well as other mainline software.

FUTRLI analyses every transaction from cloud accounting software, daily updating Management Reports and Key Performance Information

The design is so flexible, it provides for multiple "what if" reporting scenarios, slicing and dicing your business data any way you wish

It works whereever you have an internet signal, on your smart phone or computer 


crunch boards a year from now

How do you get started?

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