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Hotels and Tourism businesses are facing mixed prospects in the current economic turmoil, with those who are heavily exposed to bank lending suffering real cash flow issues, despite the low Bank of Interest lending rate.

OBC help our Hotels and Tourism clients with a wide and extensive range of specialist support .

Beautiful South Awards

We are enthusiastic supporters of our hospitality and tourism clients and are delighted to be Sponsors of the Beautiful South Awards organised by Tourism South East - see this link for more details and an application form

Strategic Planning - What? Why? How?

Starting with seeking clarity about Goals and Objectives for the business plan, you will be helped to make sure you and your team are crystal clear about the "What" are you trying to achieve in your business, both this year and in the medium to long term.

We will use our experience to help you refine these goals by asking you -  "Why" are you choosing that particular direction?

We will look to work closely with you and evaluate the various ways of "How" you can achieve these shorter term milestones, and longer term  objectives.

As part of the "How" - we will offer up to date and relevant monthly/quarterly management accounts, and we will attend your management meetings to offer support and assistance where appropriate. These will be reconciled to cash flow and profit forecasts, to make sure you keep on the right side of your bank manager.

In particular, we will be honest and help you assess the quality of your customer care because, in our experience, one of the main differences between successful busineses and less successful ones often comes down quite simply to less effective customer care, which impacts on the quality of your testimonials and referrals, which has a massive impact on usage and prices you can charge.

So many businesses in Tourism and Hospitality hate Trip Advisor - we can understand why, but it cannot be avoided, and we can help you with systems to increase your rankings and accumulate positive endorsements from your customers.

Michael Ogilvie is a sought after conference speaker and one of his most popular topics is "Why on earth should I come to use you?"

He will challenge you to "Get MAD not SAD" this is a service you will not find available from most accountants serving this industry (you will have to visit his speaking site to see what that means -

As part of this support, a mystery shopping service is also offered to our clients, should they be interested.

Tax Efficiency

You will be advised about the most effective structures to use in your business from a tax efficiency point of view, and you will be helped to refine any incentive schemes you have to reward your team members for great work.

Contact us now for your own free copy of our 70 Point Tax Planning checklist and just write down "Please send free tax planning checklist"

Capital Allowances

Would you like to see if you are eligible for a free assessment of your capital allowances entitlement, to which you might be entitled but have not claimed? We have the specialist contacts available to help you.


If you would be interested in a free benchmarking assessment of your business against a national database of similar tourism and hospitality businesses, we can help - just ask.

Starting your business

We also have a dedicated section for starting your own business, which covers a lot of very important issues that must always be considered - please do visit this section

Contact Lee Bowden ( or Mike Ogilvie today to arrange a meeting. Lee is our manager specialising in Hotels and tourism, and will be delighted to help you.

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