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Wealth Improvement Network Ltd is a specialist financial services limited company with a team who are passionate about increasing our client’s wealth.

We are owned by OBC The Accountants, leading edge Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.  OBC are not authorised to advise on Financial Services matters and refer their clients through us to appropriately qualified and independent advisers.

We believe  that because OBC deal with your accounts, we are well placed to work in close liaison with the team at OBC to offer impartial advice in areas such as :

  • Pension Schemes
  • Life Assurance cover
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Private Medical Insurance and Care plans
  • Individual Savings Accounts
  • Investment Advice

We are very conscious of what so many people perceive about financial advisers either not being independent, or coming across as sales people just eager to sell products and services.

Our aim is to help our clients focus on their ultimate goal in life, by taking a holistic approach embracing their jobs, their businesses, their families, their properties, their investments and pensions, as well as their protection against unexpected eventualities.

As such it is our aim to provide our clients with an annual report assessing how they are doing in achieving their ultimate goals.

It is this approach which puts the decisions in the hands of our clients, as to what avenue they want to pursue with the professional help and friendly assistance from our qualified advisers.

Many people prefer not to invest in the stock market, and would rather look at properties as a route to providing for their retirement and for their families.  Whatever route our clients wish to follow, our advisers will be able to offer assistance.

For a meeting with one of our independent qualified Financial Advisers at our offices, or at a place a convenient to you, please call Simon Blowen on 01323 749979.

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