Barney O

Barney Ogilvie - Paws for thought


Location: United Kingdom

Position: Assistant Director of First Impressions


I am not in the office that often, but when I am, I do like to check that everyone is happy in the team, because I know that a happy team makes happy clients. 

I am seriously well qualified to do this as I am always waggingly happy :-)

My hobbies include running in the hills and on the south downs where there are lots of rabbits for me to chase - great fun :-)

I also love swimming but I dont think my mum is too keen on how I smell when I get home, especially if I have been in a muddy pond :-)

I have been going through a bit of a tough time . Earlier  in 2016 summer I tore my cruciate ligament im my back right knee, causing me to have a knee replacement plate inserted through surgery, and it took me well over six months to partially recover.

Then  I  damaged my other knee (I was warned it might happen) so had to go through the whole procedure once again in November (2016) - now May 2017 I am delighted to say I am back on the hills off my lead.

I look forward to meeting you, and am always delighted to receive lots of attention if you insist :-)

 I also hope you get a chance to meet my young assistant Oakley who I have recently introduced to our team.